Why Vermont is One of the Best Places for Your Wedding

Vermont is one of the states in the U.S. that has a remarkably beautiful landscape that seems almost too good to be true. The state is full of beautiful backdrops for your wedding that turns into gorgeous photographs you’ll have for years to remember. It’s such a charming and quaint place to celebrate your love and have your wedding for numerous reasons. If you’re native to New England, Vermont, or willing to travel for your wedding, there are a few good reasons why you should consider having your wedding in Vermont

Here’s why you should think about holding your wedding in the beautiful New England state.


If you’re keen on an outdoor wedding, there is no better place to have one than in Vermont. As mentioned, few places compare to Vermont’s rustic beauty. There are plenty of water features, mountains, wineries, and farms located all around Vermont. If you’ve ever been to Vermont, then you’d know just how impressionable its rustic beauty is. Having your wedding here will most definitely be an unforgettable experience that will fill you and your guests with so much joy as they awe at the beauty of not only your wedding but the scenery surrounding it.

Beautiful Venues

Matched with its remarkable beauty are the unique venues and spaces to hold your wedding. Chances are you won’t find any places to hold your wedding as beautiful as those in Vermont. You have stunning venues to choose from including rustic outdoor spaces, classic ballrooms, banquet halls, barns, resorts, farms, etc. If you’re not set on a location yet, there is sure to be on you’ll fall in love with in Vermont that will be perfect for uniting you and your fiancé.


There are tons of local offerings that are heavily involved in the farm-to-table movement. You have a beautiful and tasty selection of local artisanal cheeses, locally made syrup, craft beers, and amazing caterers. You can even ask your caterer to strike up a deal with a local farm to use locally produced foods at your wedding. The best part about Vermont food is that your guests can leave home with tasty wedding favors that remind them of Vermont, such as locally made jam and syrup.

Great Summer Weather

If you want good, sunshine weather for your wedding, Vermont’s summer months are unbeatable. Summer is also usually a good time to have a wedding as your guests will most likely be able to attend better than in other months. While Vermont offers beautiful, scenic landscape every season of the year, the summer will give you the best weather Vermont has to offer, with temperatures in the upper 70s, and in the southern regions, the low 80s.

Things to Do

If you plan on having your guests stay the whole weekend for your wedding, there are plenty of things to see and do in Vermont to entertain them and make their visit an unforgettable experience. There are cultural attractions like art museums, history museums, performing art centers, and historic sites. Guided tours like the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory or the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory are fun to do with a group. There’s even plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy like hiking trails, bicycle paths, and camping, and many more attractions to visit.