WHEN KIMBERLY FIRST MET ROBERT, SHE IMMEDIATELY called a close friend withthe following observation: “The plumber is hot!” When she found himasleep in her bathtub, her heart skipped a beat; and when she realizedhis invitation to hear some music with a bunch of friends was really aninvitation for dinner for two, she realized it was their first date.

Robertis a contractor who was called in to finish a job in Kimberly’sapartment when the contractor she originally hired became too busy.With a deadline looming, Robert worked all weekend long to ensure thatKimberly’s bathroom would be ready when she moved in the followingMonday. Here’s where the bathtub comes in: Robert was waiting for someparts to arrive early Saturday morning. With no furniture in theapartment, and no place to sit, he laid down in the tub and quicklyfell asleep, only to be discovered some time later.

The jobwas completed, Kimberly moved in as planned, and when months later afriend asked for the name of a good contractor, Kimberly Recommended Robert. Calling to express his thanks, he invited Kimberly to hear somemusic with a group of friends. When she showed up outside the theaterand saw Robert, all alone, dressed-up and handsome as can be, sherealized no one else was coming.

Robert and Kimberly wereengaged in July of 2004 on the Greek island of Santorini. While it wasa complete surprise to her, Robert had the whole evening planned. Theywere sitting at a table in a wonderful restaurant on the edge of theisland – the site of the restaurant known as one of the best places inthe world from which to watch the sun set. Sipping wine and watchingthe sun go down, Kimberly took Robert’s hand and said, “Everything isso perfect, I think I am going to cry”. As the sun hit the water, shefelt something in her hand – it was the ring.

The first important decision Robert and Kimberly had to make was where toget married. They had been to two weddings in Vermont, and though theyhad no other connections to the state, their experiences here had beenso wonderful that they opted for the Green Mountains. They loved themore laid back atmosphere, and the ability to celebrate outside in openair with mountain views.

Robert and Kimberly wrote theirceremony. They come from different religions and wanted the ceremony tobe personal and to mean something to them both. Readings includedCeltic and Jewish blessings, as well as a number of poems that were ofspecial significance. Instead of the traditional wedding cake,whimsicalcupcakes were served, and the overall emphasis of the day was on fun -flowers and accents in bold and bright colors were chosen to reflectthe casual atmosphere.

A few words of wisdom from the bridewhose soon-to-be-husband would cheer, “Go Zilla, Go!” – It’s okay tohave a few bridezilla moments when planning your wedding, but on theday of, trust your coordinator, relax and have fun.

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