Inspiration For Your Vermont Wedding

Believe it or not, weddings are a big deal in Vermont. Something about its great open forest landscape, paired with its strong religious presence gives the state of Vermont something to celebrate when it comes to matrimony.  

Vermont-inspired weddings are getting increasingly popular with couples all across the country, and I’ve got a feeling it has something to do with Vermont’s signature aesthetics that remind people of a simpler time. Let’s explore what makes a Vermont wedding so desirable, and what you can do to give your wedding the same desired ‘feel.’

Big Red Barns

With the help of Pinterest pages like this one, Just about anyone can understand what a ‘rustic Vermont wedding’ really feels like. When these Pinterest professionals say ‘rustic,’ they mean ‘simple.’ 

One of the most popular features that these weddings have to offer is their big red barns. I mean, what’s more, simple than a beautifully simple red barn (cleared of animals, of course), often fitted with an assortment of unique-looking chairs from the families’ homes? In a way, it almost seems like these weddings are giving off a ‘lazy’ vibe, as opposed to a ‘simple farm life’ one, but I guess that’s all just a matter of opinion. 

Whatever your tastes may be, I think it’s important to remember the locations of these weddings. You aren’t holding these weddings in a red barn in the middle of a junkyard – you’re holding them on a large plot of land on a foggy fall morning. 


Vermont-inspired weddings tend to focus more on the landscape than anything else. There’s just something about a large plot of open, Vermont landscape that provides an unmatched sense of freedom that you can’t get anywhere else. 

Vermont is comprised mostly of farmland, so finding a plot of land to host your matrimonious celebration shouldn’t hard. However, try to avoid booking your special day on a cow farm. Some horse would be a nice touch, but the last thing you want is your wedding smelling like cow poop. Trust me when I say your guests will be a lot happier if they’re eating their appetizers in a fresh-smelling area. 

If it’s possible, try to book your wedding during the early fall season. Vermont is known for having one of the most dramatic season changes of any mid-western state. Your guests’ jaws will hit the floor once they see how bright and lively your Vermont weddings landscape is, and they’ll be glad they flew out to see it. 

Lakeside Love

Planning your wedding near a lake is always a good idea, but if you just so happen to get married in Vermont, it’ll be something much more special than some swamp-side wedding in Lousiana. 

That’s because the lakes in Vermont are home to calm waters and low-leveled fog. As breath-taking as it may be, a lakeside wedding can come with some risks. We’ve all see that Youtube video of the groom going head-first into a pond, and we all know the risks involved with handling a $20,000 piece of jewelry near a body of water, so try to take some extra precaution. 

If you’re planning on having your wedding closer to the fall months, be on the lookout for rain. Nobody wants to celebrate a marriage by soaking in their Sunday’s finest all morning.