Bridal Booty: By The Sea Salt

Bridal Booty Salt and Gourds.jpg

There are some things that just make everything better:  the perfect haircut, a discount on wedding flowers, the groom of your dreams.  This Friday, add one more thing to that list of favorites; this week's Bridal Booty, a set of spices from By the Sea Salt is sure to make the cut!  With a just-right, all-natural combination of herbs and spices, these salts enhance the flavor of any meal, from beef to poultry to vegetables.  We particularly love the spicier version, José Can You See--it's tangy, citrus kick is so addictive, you just might ask the caterers to use it on your big day!

What spices up your life?  Let us know for a chance to win!


am1104's picture

new adventures continually spice up my life! love seeing new places and doing new things at least once a month! Foodwise, I always love a good spice! Mixed with salt = heaven : )

design's picture

Carving pumpkins with my fiancé results in a great snack when we clean the seeds off, season and roast them!  We've been trying out different kinds of spices and would love to try this one!