Bridal Booty: Mountain Country Soap

Bridal Booty Lotion and Bath Fizz.jpg

Happy Friday!  After a long week of wedding planning, every bride could use some extra energy.  Rejuvenate your mind, body, and enthusiasm with the wonderful, fruity aromas of this week's Bridal Booty:  luxurious bath products from Mountain Country Soap!  Scented in fresh "Lemon Verbena" and peppy "Raspberry Spice," this set of hand/body lotion and bath oil fizz will have you happy and energetic all weekend long, through dress fittings and menu selections alike.  Soothe and moisturize your way to a great day!

These fragrances smell good enough to eat--what's your favorite food for that get-up-an-go energy?  Let us know for the chance to win!


JWeber's picture

I love fresh raw green beans dipped in hummus. Healthy and very good! A bit of chocolate sure helps too :)

LCBC2012's picture

Lemon Verbena is one of my favorite scents! Currently working on getting my invitations ready to send out and my favorite relaxation treat is sliced green apples with nutella. Yum! Not exactly a get-up-an-go food but it sure is tasty.